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Announcements : Senior Checklist 2021

Announcement: Senior Checklist 2021

Important information for our senior class of 2021
Senior Checklist for Class of 2021

Commencement will take place on Saturday, May 22 nd at 11 a.m
Many other important dates for the year ahead can be found on the campus calendar;
In previous years, ISS was able to host a reception and invite Dr. Weinberg. We are unable to determine this possibility at this time. Please stay tuned!

To request letters of invitation for commencement:
Family members and/or family friends who will need to apply for a visa in order to attend commencement should receive a letter of invitation from Denison to include with their visa application.

An original hard copy of the letter is not required by the embassy. Therefore, we do not mail the letters. Please allow ten business days to process the request.

1. Your full name: Mr./Ms. First/Given Name followed by the Last/Surname Name
2. Full names of each individual by family grouping and relationship to you:
Examples :
Mr. John Smith & Mrs. Sally Jones, parents of Mike Smith;
Mr. Jack Johnson & Mrs. Betty Johnson, grandparents of Jennifer Johnson
3. Full residential/street address - do not submit postal box numbers only

Places to stay for family and friends:
It is yet to be determined if campus parent housing will be available. Historically, parents were permitted on campus for two nights. Singles are $60.00 per night and doubles are $80.00 - Please contact Contact Missy Hannan at 740.587.5730 /

A full list of accommodations can be found on the admissions web page:

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Students who plan to apply for OPT (12 months of employment authorization) must review the International Student Portal and application prior to setting up an appointment with Dorota Kendrick or Chad Buckwalter. Students are eligible to apply within 90 days of their selected program end date as well as during the sixty day grace period following commencement. The processing time for the applications is a minimum of three months, but could take up to five months.

Driver license renewal
Please be sure to check the date of expiration of your driver’s license which is typically the end date of your program. Students may not renew their licenses without their EAD card and proof of employment. Licenses are governed by individual states. Check the website for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the state where you plan to reside.

Graduate school
Students who are planning to attend graduate school will need to submit a request to have their SEVIS record (I-20) transferred to the new institution following commencement. Many institutions will require the completion of a transfer-in form . Your signature is required in order for ISS to release the information to complete the international student advisor portion of the form.

Additionally, you will need to complete a transfer-out form which gives ISS permission to release your SEVIS record and provides details about the transfer.

Returning home
Students with visas who plan to return home after graduation are permitted a sixty-day grace period from the program end date (May 22nd) in which to plan their departure. Employment is not permitted during the grace period.

Forwarding address
Please be sure to check your Slayter Box before you depart the U.S. If possible, find a U.S. address to use as a forwarding address for your mail. Unfortunately, mail cannot be forwarded to international addresses unless the student is able to furnish payment. If you are not sure where you will be staying, please provide an address of a friend or relative, where you will be assured to receive the mail. Be sure to complete the forwarding address card which is available at the Slayter Mail Desk.

Mail will be combined and sent in one envelope when boxes are cleaned out to prepare for the incoming class. This mail will be sent to the mailing address on file in Banner so please be sure it is current. If you need to update your address email Michelle Foster Be sure to update your address for all monthly statements, subscriptions and for voter registration.

Packages received after you have left campus will be taken to the office of Amy Hannahs as your mailbox will soon be assigned to an incoming first year student who will need it to ship items for the Fall. If you would like your package sent to your summer location visit or, purchase a shipping label and email it to and the package will be sent to you. Please be sure to change the address on all auto ship packages and subscriptions such as Hello Fresh or Dollar Shave Club etc.

Updating your address
It is important to update your home address after relocating. Please email address changes directly to Michelle Foster in Alumni & Family Engagement: If you are planning to return home and cannot leave a forwarding address within the U.S., please provide ISS with a valid email. We will email you with payment instructions to mail your correspondence internationally.

Paychecks and Bank Accounts
Some of you may be receiving a refund if you have excess funds on your account or unspent Denison Dollars. Therefore, it is important to keep your bank account OPEN until the first week of July so that the University can utilize the direct deposit option to deposit your funds. Checks are often difficult to cash outside of the U.S.

Due to Covid-19, if you have not yet completed a direct deposit form with Denison, but would like to do so, please email the Student Accounts office rather than come into the office. Their email is .

It is also advisable to contact your bank to make arrangements to close your account if you plan to return home. A “zero” balance does not equal a closed account.

Requesting an Official Transcript
Prior to graduation, access the information via MyDenison / Campus Resources / Registrar / Transcripts. After leaving campus, request a transcript by visiting Transcript Ordering Services Questions? Contact Aaron Kaiser ( ), Transcript Coordinator.

Requesting an Apostille
The internationally recognized authentication/certification of your degree may be required in your home country. Please visit the Registrar’s web page for information: Questions? Contact Aaron Kaiser ( ) or Sandra Cook ( )

Taxes for calendar year 2020
Students who qualify as non-residents for tax purposes (generally meaning you have been in the U.S. for less than five years) are permitted to use the Sprintax tax software program the year following graduation. Your W-2 form will be mailed to your home address whether it be in the U.S. or abroad if you have updated your address.

Health Record & Insurance
It is advisable to request a copy of your medical records prior to leaving campus. The Denison student health insurance plan continues through August 3, 2021. If you are enrolled in the plan, plan to carry proof of insurance (the online brochure or you can pick up a card from Student Accounts).