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Announcements : F-1 Students Immigration Check In Procedures

Announcement: F-1 Students Immigration Check In Procedures

Event Date: 08/26/2021
The instructions will outline the documents you must upload as part of the immigration check in.
Center for Global Programs
Immigration Check-In Procedures for U.S. Visa Holders in "Initial" Status

  1. Make a scanned copy or take a photo of the following documents and save the files to either your computer or your phone. The photos/scans should be clear and centered. Please use file types .jpeg or .pdf to ensure compatibility.
    1. Passport bio-data page
    2. U.S. visa
    3. I-94 entry record (
  2. Go to (this is the My ISS Portal) and click “Login” and select “Student/Faculty/Staff (you will use your Denison login information for this portal)
  3. Click the “Student Requests” tab and select the “Pre-Arrival Orientation” request either under your ‘Pending Requests’ section (if you have already opened this request, it will be located under ‘Pending Requests’) or select the airplane icon and start a new request
  4. Complete the following sections:
    1. #7 Basic & Immigration Information
    2. #9 Parent/Guardian Contact Information
    3. #10 Document Submission to upload copies of your:
      1. Passport bio-data page
      2. U.S. visa
      3. I-94 entry record (
      4. #11 Maintaining Your F-1 Status
  5. Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the request
**This check-in information must be received before we can register your immigration record. Please do this as soon as possible so that it does not affect your immigration status.** 

If you have any issues, please schedule an appointment with 
the Center for Global Programs staff at