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New Hire Paperwork and Social Security Process

New Hire Paperwork (on-campus jobs) and Social Security Process

Students who hold F-1 Visas must first secure a job before they can complete their Denison new hire paperwork and apply for a Social Security card. The Social Security Administration Office in Newark, Ohio is open 9a-4p, Monday-Friday and students may visit the office with all required paperwork to apply for a Social Security number. When classes are in session, our office will arrange trips to the Social Security Office. Please be sure to read all steps involved in completing your new hire paperwork and applying for your Social Security Card. This process is only required for your first on-campus job or if you lose your Social Security Card. 

Please take note of the following steps:

New Hire Paperwork
  1. First, find a position on campus (even a one hour per week job will enable you to apply for a Social Security Card). Check MyDenison or Handshake for job postings (go to MyDenison, click on the Students tab, and then Student Jobs).
  2. Schedule a meeting with your new supervisor (in the office where you were hired) who will help you complete your Denison new hire paperwork. Please take your bank account information to complete the direct deposit form as well as your passport, I-20, and I-94. All payment from Denison is via direct deposit only. 
Social Security Application Process
  1. Once offered a position, ask HR to complete the ​Employment Authorization Letter​. This letter is available at the bottom of this page. After HR completes the top portion of the form, please have one of our Designated School Officials (DSOs) in the Center for Global Programs sign the form. The list of the DSOs is listed at the bottom of the form. 
  2. In preparation for your trip to the Social Security Administration Office, please do the following:
    1. Complete the Social Security application form via the SSA webpage. NOTE: the mailing address should be the following: 100 W College St. Enter "Whisler Hall, 114" in the Apartment, Suite, Building, Etc. section.
    2. Print your​ I-94 (
    3. Sign up for a shuttle to the SSA. If you don't need a ride, you're welcome to travel to the SSA in Newark independently. Please contact Kelly VanBuskirk ( for a link to sign up for a shuttle. Over school breaks (summer or winter), students will have to arrange their own transportation to the Social Security Administration office.
  3. On the day of the trip, remember to take the following documents:
    1. Passport
    2. Original I-20
    3. I-94 (
    4. The ​Employment Authorization Letter ​signed by your HR and ISS
    5. Social Security Card Application
  4. The Social Security staff will issue a paper receipt.
  5. The Social Security card will be delivered to Human Resources in Whisler. HR Staff will contact students via email to pick up the card in the Human Resources (HR) Office - Whisler. If your card arrives in your Slayter mailbox, you must take the card to the Human Resources Office.
  6. If your Social Security card does not arrive in the mail within 3 weeks, please contact Human Resources.
  7. Keep your Social Security card in a safe place. It is best not to keep it in your wallet. If the card is lost, the entire procedure must be repeated. The card should never be laminated!

Social Security Office
125 Derby Downs Road
Newark, OH 43055

Social Security Process and Forms