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Social Security Process

How to Obtain a Social Security Card:

Students who hold F-1 Visas must first secure a job before they can apply for a Social Security card. Students cannot begin to work until they have applied for the Social Security card. Once you have applied for your Social Security Card, received your receipt, and completed your tax forms, you may begin working. This process is only required for your first job or if you lose your Social Security card. 

Please take note of the following steps:
  1. First, find a position on campus (even a one hour per week job will enable you to apply for a Social Security card). Check MyDenison for job postings (go to MyDenison, click on the Students tab, and then Student Jobs).
  2. Once offered a position, ask your employer to complete the ​Employment Authorization Letter​. The letter is available in the My ISS Portal under Social Security Process or stop by International Student Services, Burton Morgan 417 to pick up a printed copy. 
  3. Bring the signed Employment Authorization Letter to International Student Services (Burton Morgan 417)
    • Complete the Social Security application form
    • Print your​ I-94 (
    • Sign up for the Social Security/BMV trip via the My ISS Portal under the Announcements section. Students will need at least two hours for the trip - possibly less depending on the number of students. Students must not miss class for this trip! It is a good idea to bring along reading materials or homework.
  4. On the day of the trip: ​meet at Burton Morgan 417 at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time. Please bring the following​:
    • Passport
    • Original I-20
    • I-94 (
    • The ​Employment Authorization Letter ​signed by your employer International Student Services
    • Social Security Card Application
  5. The Social Security staff will issue a paper receipt. The next step is to complete the tax paperwork. Please make an appointment with Dorota Kendrick - via the My ISS Portal - who will check your documents (yes, bring the originals) and assist with completing the tax forms.
  6.  The Social Security card will be delivered to the ISS office. Dorota will contact students via email to pick up the card. Students are required to bring the card to the Human Resources (HR) Office - Doane Administration Building, 3rd floor. If you do not present the card, you will no longer be able to work. 
  7. If your Social Security card does not arrive in the mail within 2 weeks, please contact ISS.
  8. Keep your Social Security card in a safe place. It is best not to keep it in your wallet. If the card is lost, the entire procedure must be repeated. The card should never be laminated!
IMPORTANT: DO NOT LEAVE THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE WITHOUT A RECEIPT! Please bring your bank account information to complete the direct deposit form in the Human Resources Office. All payment from Denison is via direct deposit only.

Social Security Process and Forms