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Resources for International Students

Academic Resource Center
Advising, Tutoring, and Academic Support
Denison wants each student to succeed, and while they can find some form of support just about anywhere on campus, several resources exist specifically for helping students rise to new intellectual challenges.

The Writing Center
Writing Assistance
The Writing Center's consultants are trained to recognize the cloudier parts of your writing and to offer practical and honest advice to you about how to remedy those problems. Follow the Writing Center on Instagram: @denisonwritingcenter

The Productivity Circle
The Productivity Circle
A weekly group meeting to help students with organizational and executive function/time management challenges, discover strengths, and improve overall functioning and wellness.

Multilingual Learning
Multilingual Support
Studying in a second language (L2) is a rewarding, yet challenging, experience. Instructors and students alike will find information on this site to help you navigate the process of studying in an L2.

Health and Wellness
Counseling Services
It is the mission of Counseling Services to promote the well-being of our students. We align with the strategic plan of Denison to be a benchmark campus by helping students develop habits of wellness that will be crucial to their long-term health.

Shuttle Service to Columbus
The Big Red Express
The Big Red Express is a free shuttle service operated by Denison. We are pleased to offer a variety of shuttles for students, with the goal of providing safe and reliable transportation for students to enjoy shopping and dining.