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Resources for International Students

Academic Support
Academic Resource Center

Advising, Tutoring, and Academic Support
Denison wants each student to succeed, and while they can find some form of support just about anywhere on campus, several resources exist specifically for helping students rise to new intellectual challenges.

The Writing Center
The Writing Center's consultants are trained to recognize the cloudier parts of your writing and to offer practical and honest advice to you about how to remedy those problems. Follow the Writing Center on Instagram: @denisonwritingcenter

The Productivity Circle
A weekly group meeting to help students with organizational and executive function/time management challenges, discover strengths, and improve overall functioning and wellness.

Multilingual Learning and Support
Studying in a second language (L2) is a rewarding, yet challenging, experience. Instructors and students alike will find information on this site to help you navigate the process of studying in an L2.

Health and Wellness
The ability to manage your health and wellness is fundamental to being a successful student. We are fortunate to have a full service health care center on campus. The Wellness Center at Whisler ‘embraces the five pillars of well-being that include intellectual, social, personal, community and financial health’. Services are appointment based Monday - Friday. A registered nurse is also on duty daily during the evening, overnight and weekend.  

Medical Services 
Services are provided by licensed medical doctors, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Students may also make an appointment to meet with a nutritionist who is available on a bi-monthl
Call 740-587-6200 and press #1 to schedule an appointment 

Counseling Services
Services are provided by licensed counselors and social workers who have years of experience in working with college aged students. Students meet with counselors to discuss a variety of challenges including, but not limited to, relationships, homesickness, academic and/or personal stress, anxiety and depression. 
Call 740-587-6200 and press #1 to schedule an appointment 
Additional Support Services:
ProtoCall (24/7/365 crisis counseling): 740-587-6647
Pathways of Licking County Crisis line: 740-345-HELP (4357)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Text "Connect" to 741741 for a free, confidential text line for behavioral health support

Guidance for Healthy Living 
This link provides resources for students to develop healthy habits. Students will be faced with countless decisions each day and it is essential to be prepared to make informed choices about your self-care, especially daily nutrition, exercise and sleep.
Career Exploration and Graduate School Resources
Career Exploration and Support

It is critical that you learn about your interests, abilities, values, and personality to find your mission in life and start identifying career and academic possibilities. If you need to learn more about yourself and how this knowledge supports your ideas about majors and careers, the Knowlton Center resources available to you on Handshake will provide you with opportunities to explore yourself and determine how your strengths and limitations may start to fit into the world of work.

Knowlton Center Career Coaching
Career Coaches and Peer Coaches at the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration can assist you by exploring how your interests, values, and language skills play a role in your career action plan. This Four-Year Career Planner (FreshmanSophomoreJuniorSenior) suggests activities you can do each year to help prepare for a career. Click here (Select school year, then click on International Student Career Exploration with Rosa Lee) to schedule an appointment with Rosa Lee, Assistant Director for International Student Career Exploration on Handshake. 

Graduate and Professional Schools
If you are considering applying to graduate school, it is important that you begin talking with your faculty advisor or other faculty members in your discipline during your junior year or even earlier if you are pre-health.  

Job Search and Strategies
As an International Student, you have an International Advantage. While there are strict guidelines regarding internships in the US and post-graduate work, it is important to emphasize your global perspective through your interests, skills, experience, and language. If taking part in an internship in the US, securing a job after graduating in the US and/or abroad is your goal, you will need to be proactive to prepare yourself for these competitive options. 

Shuttle Service to Columbus
The Big Red Express
The Big Red Express is a free shuttle service operated by Denison. We are pleased to offer a variety of shuttles for students, with the goal of providing safe and reliable transportation for students to enjoy shopping and dining.